This is your final reminder that the Mother’s Day Flowers & Cookies/Pies Orders are due APRIL 17th at 3 pm.

They can be placed in the Fundraising Box outside the Music Rooms.

You can use this link to directly order your plants, just hand in your cheque by April 17th.

Flower Pick Up – May 2nd, 2 – 5.30 pm at 1127 Croft Road, Lynn Valley

Cookies/Pies Pick Up – May 9th, 5 pm at Argyle Secondary Parking Lot (Fromme Road)

Any questions please contact us on

Danielle & Svetlana

Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Argyle Music Association is pleased to offer a Spring Fundraiser just in time for Mother’s Day!

Flower offers include a wide assortment of Hanging Baskets and Patio Planters, Bedding Plants, Herbs, and Veggies.  More details. Download the order form.

Baked Goods offers include a variety of cookies, pies and cheesecakes, including gluten free selections! More details. Download order form.

Dates to Remember:

April 17th Deadline (all order forms & payment must be returned to the school)
May 2nd Flower pick up @ 1127 Croft Road, Lynn Valley
May 9th 5pm Cookie/Pie/Cake pick up @ Argyle Secondary Parking Lot (Fromme Road)

Please email if you have any questions.

Spring Fundraiser

AMA Fundraiser continues. Where possible, doing online orders. ALL music students & families are strongly encouraged to use this opportunity to add to their AMA travel account.

*** AMA is looking for that special and keen volunteer(s) to take over the role as the AMA Fundraiser Coordinator…as the parents who have stepped up in 2018/2019 graduate in 2020. Come, be involved in the process, and participate while knowledge can be shared. ***

Remember…your efforts = $$ put into your account. Done over several years, it really adds up.


SPUD,  has has expanded their fundraising giving two different opportunities. One is with the Gift Cards at 10% of the card value contributed to students’ travel accounts. The 2nd is by ordering SPUD Produce Boxes online, participants get 25% of sales value.

You choose…they track…AMA allocates the funds to your traveller.  EASY!!

SPUD Poster and FAQ for Gift Card and FAQ for Produce Boxes