Do you have some spare time and an occasional desire to get out of the house? The Argyle Music Association is always up to something and you could get up to some of it too. We have many things to do including jobs with prestigious sounding names.

Here are some examples:

Truck Driver

For 2 or 3 events per year, we need someone to drive a truck full of instruments from the school to a venue like St. Andrew’s Wesley Church or to Cabaret.

Postal Person

A few times a year, the AMA needs to send email out to all the parents of kids in the music program. We need someone to manage this.


 Some of the performances that the bands and choirs at Argyle put on during the year are sponsored by the AMA. We may pay for the venue or transportation or whatever else isn’t covered, often out of money we collect at the door. Not everyone carries cash any more so, we take plastic.


Cabaret is the biggest gig of the year musically speaking, at least insofar as Argyle musicians are concerned. This is a reserved seating event so we need someone to manage the reservations. We use an online ticketing service provider so this is another sit-down, computer type job.


OK, this one actually is a big job. An accounting background will be helpful. A sense of humor seems to seems to be part of the practice. Click on the “treasurer” link to see a brilliantly detailed description. ( Thanks Dave! )

Web Master

Yep, you could be master of all you see before you! We need someone to maintain this very website. The site runs on WordPress so the actual website part is pretty straight forward but you’ll still get as much support as you want.

AMA Volunteers & Vacancies

If you are able to help with any of these jobs, please send an email to icanhelp@argylemusic.ca .

Please let us know if you are able to help out in any of the above capacities.  Even if you do not have a child performing in the concert, please consider coming along to help out.  You will meet and work with a group of people who are eager to pass along their knowledge. You will get to do things for your kids without having to do things with your kids. Also, we get to taste the wine selections for Cabaret.