Reimbursements Policy


Student Travel Account Reimbursement Policy
Established Policy 2008
Revised October 2012,
Updated January 2017

Music trip fundraising
The Argyle Music Association (“AMA”) provides music students opportunities to raise funds to apply toward the cost of music trips. Participation in fund raising is voluntary. The money raised must be used for music trips. The amount raised by each student (“profit” from each fundraiser) is tracked by the AMA. Students can accumulate funds throughout the years of participation in the Argyle music program. The money may be applied to any music program trip that is two or more nights.

Payment Procedures
The payout only occurs after the entire trip has been paid for in full. The parent/guardian must pay for the trip in full according to the schedule provided. The AMA will pay out travel account funds at the January pre-trip student/parent/teacher meeting of the “Even year senior trip” unless otherwise instructed. Alternative instructions must be submitted to the Treasurer at a minimum of one month before the student/parent /teacher meeting. Following the completion of other music programs trips of two or more nights, parent/guardian may complete the “Request for Payment” form available on the website at AMA Travel Funds forms if they would like payment of funds prior to the “Even year senior trip”.

Options for Unused Travel Accounts
Occasionally, a student who has raised funds does not attend a music trip or discontinues participation in the music program. In this case, the following applies:

  • The parent/guardian must fill out the Request for Transfer Form, available on the website
    AMA Travel Funds forms and submit it to the Treasurer at: by Dec 31 of the year the student leaves Argyle.
  • Any balance of unused funds may be transferred to a sibling or friend in the Argyle music program.
  • Any money not used or transferred to a sibling or friend will go into the “AMA Bursary Travel Fund”.
  • The AMA Executive and the Argyle music teachers will review any extenuating circumstances regarding payout of the travel funds. Please contact the AMA President or the music teacher.
  • All inquiries should be e-mailed to the President of the AMA at: