Sr. Uniforms

CONCERT ATTIRE: BLACK pants / shoes / socks
(please no sports wear, no white stripes, no logos, emblems…)

CHOIR 8 – TOP can be solid white or black
BAND 8 – TOP white shirt
CHOIR 9 / 10 and BAND 9 – Vernon Music Tour hoody
BAND 10 – TOP black shirt

The Argyle Music Department has transitioned to a new era of uniforms for the music program.

The uniform required for the 2019-2020 Senior Bands and Choirs continues to be…

Basic Black with Burgundy Wine Tie Long Burgundy Wine Dress
–          Black Collared Dress Shirt

–          Black Dress Pants

–          Black Socks

–          Black Dress Shoes

–          Burgundy Wine Tie*

–          Sakura Convertible Maxi Style Dress*

–          Black Dress Shoes

*AMA are able to source both the dresses and ties from a Canadian company

As dress pants and shirts are more common, but can be more difficult to size, students requiring these items will need to make the purchase on their own.

Contact Frances Roberts or Diana Chan if you have any questions.

Here is the form to order new uniforms.

There is a handful of used dresses available from former Argyle Music students, first come, first serve. Please see Ms. Roberts.