AMA Bursary Policy
Established Policy 2008
Revised October 2012,
Updated January 2017

Many students participate in the music program with the intent of
taking part in the touring opportunities that are provided during their
tenure. The Senior Music international tour is of particular interest to
most. To help them achieve this goal, the AMA provides ample
opportunities for individual student fundraising each and every year.
For details see https://www.argylemusic.ca/argyle-music-fund-raising/
Or contact fundraising@argylemusic.ca

 There are two other trips offered by the music program: the Grade 9
Vernon trip and the Senior Banff trip (in Grade 11 or 12). While not
mandatory, these trips are considered to be valuable and enriching
experiences in the musical development and maturity of the students.
We, as a parents’ organization, want to ensure that every student in
Argyle’s music program has the opportunity to participate in these two
trips, regardless of socioeconomic background. To assist with financial
barriers, the AMA provides bursaries to financially disadvantaged

Requests should be made by a parent and directed to one of the music
teachers, who will then consult with the designated staff
representative. All information will be held in the strictest confidence.
Bursary cheques will be issued by the AMA directly to Argyle Music
without knowledge of the beneficiary.

If you are interested in this program, you should also look at the scholarships page.