Not like Ticketmaster.

Cabaret is a full on, sit down, dinner club doo. Ask you dad or gramps about Isy’s or The Cave or Oil Can Harry’s . Obviously, we don’t want people scrapping over who is going to sit where so instead, we have reserved seating. Its all done through a web site with buttons and dials, most of which need to be twiddled or frobbed so we need a person with a modicum of computer savy to take this on. The job starts somewhere around February when you start to get information about how many tables and seats we will have to work with. Then you create a seating plan and upload it to the ticketing website. The Cabaret Committee will decide the time and date that the tickets go on sale and when sales close and… gosh, that’s almost the whole job. There is often a bit of fine tuning when we get close to the big night but the decorating committee usually handles that.