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Greetings Concert Choir Parent/ Guardian

Welcome back from Spring Break…ready, set…

KIWANIS CHORAL Festival  Thursday April 12th 

Links to the Performances

Argyle 9/10 Class Performance

Argyle Sr. Concert Choir Performance

Argyle Sr. Ensemble Performance


Everyone should have their performance uniform of: black shoes/ socks and black dress pants, blue blouse/ shirt CHOIR 9/ 10, Concert Choir & Vocal Ens. in formal uniform. Please bring your own water bottle and snacks/ bag lunch. Parents are welcome, the festival is open to the public. Please join us if you can, any queries contact me at

Respectfully yours

Frances Roberts
Argyle Choir teacher


Seniors Formal Uniform, black footwear
Choir 9/10 solid black on bottom, solid blue top (no logos)
Choir 8 solid black on bottom, solid white top (no logos)
Jr. Jazz solid black on bottom, solid white or blue top (no logos) Black footwear

CONCERT ATTIRE: the Henkaa dresses arrived and there are a few extras available for purchase as well as there are a few extra ties. Please insure you have BLACK dress shoes.(not runners, Vans etc)


Sr. Concert Choir Sample Piece – Northern Lights by Ola Gjeilo

The Choir 11/12 classes meet twice a month together at lunch to form the CONCERT CHOIR and rehearse as the ensemble they are when they perform. These rehearsals are PART of the course and students should be present. From JAN – MARCH these are the DATES:

ARGYLE CHOIR COURSE Offerings for 2018 – 2019

The following CHOIR classes will meet in the regular day rotation:

These are all NON – auditioned choirs, no experience necessary




CHOIR 11 – combines with Choir 12 to form the SENIOR CONCERT CHOIR

CHOIR 12  – combines with Choir 11 to form the SENIOR CONCERT CHOIR


The following CHOIRS are AUDITIONED:

The Vocal Ensemble is the Senior Jazz Choir in the regular class rotation. The

 Ensemble requires CHOIR11/12 or CHAMBER CHOIR 11/12 as pre-requisite

VOCAL ENSEMBLE 11 – combines with Vocal Ens. 12 to form SENIOR VOCAL ENS.

VOCAL ENSEMBLE 12 – combines with Vocal Ens. 11 to form SENIOR VOCAL ENS.

                        AUDITIONS MAY 16th – Wednesday 3:15 – 4:30pm


The following CHOIR classes will meet outside the regular day in X block:

            Times TBD – combination of morning and after school times

JUNIOR JAZZ CHOIR 8 – combines with Junior Jazz 9 & 10

JUNIOR JAZZ CHOIR 9 – together these 3 grade levels form the JUNIOR JAZZ CHOIR

JUNIOR JAZZ CHOIR 10 –grades 9 & 10 audition in MAY 17th , grade 8 in SEPT.



More challenging choral repertoire for multi graded ensemble ( 30 max )

CHAMBER CHOIR 9 – combines with grades 10,11,12

CHAMBER CHOIR 10 auditions MAY 24 – Thursday 3:15 – 4:30pm

CHAMBER CHOIR 11 – pre-requisite for Vocal Ensemble 11/12

CHAMBER CHOIR 12 – pre-requisite for Vocal Ensemble 11/12