Senior Music Christmas Concert TICKETS

December 4, 2021 Off By Argyle Music Info

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to send an update to let you know that tickets for our Senior Winter Concert are now available! Tickets are $10 and must be pre-purchased before the event. Please bring cash and purchase a ticket from Ms Chan or Mrs Roberts. We are limiting each student to a maximum of 4 tickets at the moment. AUDIENCE attendees must be Fully Vaccinated and have their Vaccination Passport and ID to enter the concert.

Reminder that IC Forms are now overdue – please bring your form to Mrs. Roberts ASAP. Uniforms have also arrived, and students who have paid should have received their tie/dress already. For students who have purchased a dress – one of our alumni parents, Sheila Balzer, will be at Argyle on Dec 7 & 8 at lunch time in the choir room to teach students different ways they can wear their dress if you would like an in person demo. This is highly recommended and on another note, please do not attempt to hem the Henkaa dress.

Finally, I would like to encourage our student musicians to please keep up with practice and ensure you are ready to play/sing on time for class. Chamber Choir has an extra reheasal FRIDAY Dec 3 at lunch this week. Next FRIDAY Dec 10th we will have our ONLY combined rehearsal with Concert Choir also at lunch on the risers in the choir room.

I am looking forward to sharing a first wonderful evening of music in a long time with our family, friends, and community on Dec 14.

Mrs. Roberts