Postal Person

You don’t have to wear shorts and comfortable shoes.

Three or four times a year the AMA  needs to send email to all the families of kids in the music program. Its not just a case of hitting ‘reply all’ though. We need to conform to FoIPPA rules like providing  for subscription by invite and a robust unsubscribe process. We have to eliminate duplicate email address. We have to … well, you get the picture. Fortunately, we are not the first to need to do this and so, there is a program called “mailman” that does almost all of the work. A human is required to actually create the emails and send them, and to respond to replies to the list. Its all sit-down, desk work in a web browser so although you do need to have access to a computer, it doesn’t matter which kind. The whole job probably takes… maybe 20 hours a year, maybe an hour or two max per email plus a few hours at the end of the year getting the invitations out to the parents of new grade 8s.

If you have questions about this, send them to and I will reply or maybe bulk out this page and let you know