If you have made it this far into the ArgyleMusic web page, you already know that the Argyle Music program runs a very action packed schedule. There’s a pretty good chance that you aren’t going to make it to every event. Not to worry.

We’ve got pictures!


Have you got pictures? Video?

If you do have photos of an event that you attended and you would like to have us post them, you can send them to and if we have the correct permission forms, we’ll post ’em.

There’s a catch!

With Canada’s FOIPPA in place, there are rules that we  adhere to. We cannot post an image or movie of any kids unless we first have express permission to use the photo or image on our website. While we don’t need permission to take a picture of your kid at a public event, we do need permission to show pictures of your kid at another public venue, our web site. The AMA is not part of the school board so we have to have our own express permission.

We have a plan.

We have a permission form and some instructions at this page:     Give that a read. Go through the steps and get ready to send a link to Gram and Gramps!

We will also password protect the gallery pages and send the password out to parents using our email management system.