2018 Sr. Tour to Germany, Czech Republic & Poland

  • Argyle Sr. Music Tour: March 15 - 24, 2018

A summary so far…Cool and Cold!

These are some of the photos received so far…chances are others have some too and if they would like them to be shared, please send to

Sorry about the cropping…(have yet to figure out how to best show portrait photos).

Notes from the tour…

It has been COOL and COLD!

Walking tours and more walking…Berlin, Leipzig, Bad Lausick, Dresden, Karlovy Vary, and now Prague.

The walking tour in Prague was sunny and not windy, but still super cold (high 1C).  The students performed in St. Nicholas Church .  It was so cold the signers could see their breath as they sung.  Finally some heaters came on so things began to warm up a bit.

Afterwards it was dinner at a folk restaurant.  The food was delicious.  The students danced and sang and at the end of the night the choir students performed a song for the restaurant musicians too.

The food throughout the trip has been fantastic.

There was another walking tour of Prague which included a walk over the Charles Bridge, through the Jewish Quarter and toured many of the squares.  Could it be the weather is actually warming up?  All reports are that the students love Prague!!

Day 6, in Prague included Guided tours of Estates Theatre and the dinner boat cruise on the Vltava River.  Off to bed as it is a very early wake up call.

An email message was sent home which included information of the new hotel the tour will be staying at while overnight in Brno, Czech Republic – Hotel Termal Musov Brno

This was on account that a fire in Brno affected the water supply at the original hotel, so arrangements have been made for the tour to stay elsewhere.

Won’t be long before they’re back, each with their own tales and perspectives…


Details were presented Jan. 31, 2018



2018 Travel Tips and Travel Checklist

Before You Go Flyer and Personal Exemption Information

Less than two weeks to departure…

#1.Have you looked after your FOREIGN CURRENCY?

The Currency Exchange encourages you to get your order in for ZOTY as it takes time and you may be out of luck. Go this weekend and you may be able to get some before we leave.

#2. Review your itinerary as you plan your packing. TRUMPETS will now be carry on, but your other carry on must be smallish as a result. BAND students pack a portable music stand.

#3. Final TOUR MEETING in the BAND room FRIDAY March 9th  at 1 – 1:35pm – bring your lunch it will take the full break. FINAL Itinerary and other vital info will be shared.

 #4. There are still some OUTSTANDING Student Risk Awareness Forms ( yellow handout two weeks ago)Please get them in.

For your reference, a copy of the Informed Consent and the Ellison Tour Registration Forms.  These forms have been collected and processed by all tour participants.

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Here are some photos to give you the idea of where we visited!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.