Are you looking for a document to do with the Argyle Music Association? If you are a member of the AMA, you can access downloadable files here on the AMA website. You will need your AMA username and password. If you have an email address at, your username will be the bit to the left of the @ sign. e.g. would sign in as concoord. If you don’t know your password, you can contact and we’ll sort it out for you.

   So, if you are reading this, it should be the case that you are already at documents library page of the website. On the right side of this page you should see a link labelled “Log In” click on that and follow the prompts. You will be taken to a “dashboard” page. In the upper left corner of that page you will see a “w”, a house and the words “Argyle Music”. Hover over “Argyle Music” and “Vist Site” will appear. Choose that and then choose AMA and then “Documents Library” to get back here. That’s clunky but I don’t think I can fix it.