Our Cabaret planning committee is coming together nicely.

We have TWO Cabaret Coordinators this year, Julie McNeil and Ashmita Sisodraker. That means Cabaret will be twice as good this year. If you send an email to, both Julie and Ashmita will get it.

If you want to get involved with the production of  the Cabaret this year, you can contact Svetlana Sobelman by email at . Svetlana  has all kinds of jobs that need doing but we know you don’t want to miss you kid’s moment in the limelight so Svetlana has a system to accommodate that.  Have a look at the Parent Volunteer page.  If you are a volunteer, you get advance access to the ticketing system so you get first shot at the best seats so email Svetlana now!

Of course we will do the Silent Auction again. If you can help with donations of services or products for the auction, please contact Danielle Moore at