Fundraising  –  A Vacant AMA Executive Position (2 year term)  ** Updated March 2018 **  

New to AMA Fundraising…click here for more details.

*** AMA Fundraising Position was up for election September 2017 at the AMA’s  AGM…and no volunteer (s) have come forward at this time.

This is a 2 year position on the AMA Executive and a key role, and one that benefits greatly from a period of transition while the previous person in this role is still within the AMA community.

Working with Excel spreadsheets a definite asset.

Would you or someone you know like to contribute to the Argyle Music community in this role?

However, AMA 2018 Spring Fundraising – CONTINUES…

With continued opportunities for students & families to add to their AMA travel account.

SPUD, has has expanded their fundraising giving two different opportunities.
One is with the Gift Cards at 10%.
The 2nd is by ordering SPUD Produce Boxes online, participants get 25%.
You choose…they track…AMA allocates the funds.  EASY!!

SPUD Poster and FAQ for Gift Card and FAQ for Produce Boxes

Two Rivers Meats:  Order Online & Pick up directly (Super flexible, and easy to continue)

Purdy’s Chocolates: …catalogue order for the Fall already ordered…but need someone to lead


If you are available to volunteer & help with processing before or on the date of pick up, please let us know…lots of hands=light work…and is very much appreciated.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact, .

This campaign is run by the AMA parent volunteers for the benefit of students who choose to participate. We endeavour to minimize the use of teacher time & resources during this campaign.

Remember…your efforts = $$ put into your account.  Done over several years, it really adds up.

No Paper packages currently available…Needs someone to LEAD…Who will take these ones on?

Pies and cookies from 24th Ave. Pie Company

Gift-cards (Pay for student travel with Groceries & Gas! AND MOVIES…) 

QSP Magazines and Dream Big Catelogue (even more online) ID: 3702461 (QSP waiting for confirmation to continue with a Spring Campaign. )

Meadowlands Plants & Poinsettias (Fall only…)

JJ Bean Coffee (Time to replenish supplies?)

Wild Pacific Salmon from Pacific Provider

SPC Discount Cards (Fall only…may be a way to make this happen online too…but has challenges)

Entertainment Books  (Even more options online) ID:  133521 (Fall…)

Rico ‘N Lalo frozen fruit treats, (Perfect for the approaching summer…who?) the list of flavours

Direct Donations (this requires someone to collect and allocation…who?)