Argyle Music Association – Fall Fundraising 2018


Keeping with tradition, the 2018 Fall Fundraising campaign was a smaller one, but still approximately 50 families (20%) participated, so far.

While some order/vendor deadlines have past, there is still time for some online and direct orders

SPUD,  has has expanded their fundraising giving two different opportunities.
One is with the Gift Cards at 10% of the card value contributed to students’ travel accounts.
The 2nd is by ordering SPUD Produce Boxes online, participants get 25% of sales value.
You choose…they track…AMA allocates the funds to your traveller.  EASY!!
SPUD Poster and FAQ for Gift Card and FAQ for Produce Boxes

Two Rivers Meats:  Order Online & Pick up directly (Super flexible, and easy to continue) For more information about Two Rivers Meats, have a look at Two Rivers Meats Fall 2018 .

QSP Magazines Catalogue (even more online) ID: 3702461  On-line only  For instructions to get going with QSP, look here:  QSP Magazine Fall 2018

Entertainment Books are available again and pay %40… More details are here: Entertainment Books Fall 2018 (1)


Completed for Fall 2018:

Purdy’s Chocolates

Meadowlands Plants & Poinsettias

JJ Bean Coffee

SPC Discount Cards

Grocery gift cards from  Safeway, Save-On and Stong’s


Thank you to each of the volunteers who have stepped up to get the fundraising campaign done this year.

There are still opportunities to pitch in and help…

Sort Day for Purdy’s Dec 8th

Distribution Day on Thursday Dec. 13th at Argyle Cafeteria 3-5:45 pm

Questions or you can help, send a note to or

Next opportunities to add to individual student travel accounts before the 2020 International Tour to be

Spring 2019
Fall 2019

Get involved, lead or pitch in and give your support making these amazing Argyle Music tours possible